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Bulova: A History Of Firsts

Bulova: A History Of Firsts

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The Bulova Watch Company is a uniquely American presence in the world of modern watchmaking, and its history and achievements are now chronicled in a book whose scope does justice to its story. Bulova: A History Of Firsts, is a large-format book that focuses on milestones in the company’s history, and its presence in America – Bulova was founded by immigrant Joseph Bulova in 1875. The influence of Bulova is detailed in chapters that remind the reader of the historic importance of American watchmaking, and Bulova’s role on both the American and international stage. Among the company’s achievements were firsts in advertising and marketing – it was the first company ever to advertise on both radio (1926) and television (1941) and of course, its iconic Accutron tuning-fork watches were the first true electronic wristwatches, and laid the foundation for the company’s exploration of high-frequency quartz technology today.

The book is lavishly illustrated and chapters were contributed by a number of recognized watch experts, including Matt Hranek, Jason Heaton, Roberta Naas, and HODINKEE Editor-in-Chief Jack Forster, who wrote the chapter on the Accutron. This text is highly recommended as both a review of the company’s technical achievements, as well as its presence in American society.


  • 175 pages
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