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Time Keeper

TK Tool Box

TK Tool Box

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Includes more than 15 tools and everything you need for your watch.

 Tool Name


Adjustable Case Back Case Opener

(Tripod Opener)*1

Suitable for opening back case less than 34mm

Spring Bar Tool*1

Watch Pin Removal and Band Replacement

Adjustable Professional Link Remover*1

Adjust the length of watch strap 

The Fix Seat*1

Fix the watch

Pry knife*1

Open the back cover

Pry Knife(Yellow)*1

Pry the back cover.

Punch Needle(0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm)*3

Used with hammer

Watch Band Holder*1

Fix the watch band

Precision Stainless Steel Tweezers*1

Pinch small parts


Adjust the strap length with the punch needle

Watch Strap Spring pins*108

Diameter is 1.5mm,A total of 108 pieces, 8-25mm each 6 pieces

Link Remover Spare Pins*3

Replaceable accessories of spring bar tool link remover

Spring Pliers*1

Pinch small parts

Precision Anti-magnetic Screwdrivers

(black:1.0mm, red:1.2mm,Purple1.6m

m,Cross screwdriver)*4

Remove the watch strap and mechanical movement

Spring Bar Tool Spare Tips*1

Change the strap

Cleaning cloth*1

Cleaning the surface

the needle clamp*1

Cliping the watch hand


Watch Repair loupe*1

Observation details

Tripod Opener Pins*18

Tripod opener parts

Note:- The Tool box does not include the dust removal tool piece.

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