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Chrono Cloth

Chrono Cloth

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- 30 x 30cm black microfibre  
- extra thick (210gsm)
- flat travel case (105 x 142 x 15 mm)

The ChronoCloth is an extra thick and large microfibre towel, designed for dry watch cleaning and watch polishing without the use of water or liquid. The ChronoCloth is specifically designed to capture dust, hair and grime from the watch and bracelet surfaces without streaking.   

To ensure multiple effective uses we ship the ChronoCloth in a dust-proof case that fits in your bag and keeps the cloth free from dust and dirt so that you can achieve the optimal cleaning effect on the go.

This product is especially handy for non-waterproof timepieces, such as most vintage and highly complicated watches.

After 10-15 uses we advise to hand wash the ChronoCloth thoroughly in clear water to free it from all the captured soils. Our Swiss Made leather care pen includes 30ml of our specifically developed cleaning solution and a smooth, yet firm silicon brush. The unique all-in-one handheld design allows you to gently clean, condition and protect your leather straps with bee’s wax and jojoba oil. In addition, you receive our extra large microfibre polishing towel to your order.
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