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ChronoPen + Towel

ChronoPen + Towel

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Our Swiss Made watch cleaning pen includes 30ml of our specifically developed cleaning solution and an extra fine brush head.  The unique all-in-one handheld design allows you to clean your precious timepiece gently.

For an optimum result it is key to dry and polish your watch with a clean and dry towel, after using the ChronoPen. 

30ml Swiss Made watch cleaning solution  

Soft brush head with extra fine bristles, ideal to access even difficult areas of case and bracelet  

Ideal for stainless steel, gold, platinum, bronze, carbon fibre, ceramic as well as other parts made of sapphire crystal, diamonds and rubber

  • Does not contain any aggressive chemicals or abrasives 
  • Cleans and conditions gently  
  • Allows for up to 60 uses 
  • Dual-purpose towel, white side for drying and black side for polishing  
  • 100% natural cotton, extra thick for maximum absorption   
  • 30x30 cm 

NOTE: Please check your watch is water-resistant and note that the ChronoPen is not suitable for leather straps.

كرونو بن، منظف صناعة سويسرية وآمن ١٠٠٪ لتنظيف الساعات الثمينة

يشمل قلم تنظيف الساعات على ٣٠ مل من محلول التنظيف المطوّر خصيصًا ورأس فرشاة دقيق. يسهل عملية تنظيف ساعتك بكل سهولة وبطريقة آمنة

يحتوي رأس الفرشاة على شعيرات ناعمة جدا و مثالية للوصول إلى المناطق الصعبة من القالب والسوار

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