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CTS Rubber Straps

CTS Rubber Straps

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Rubber straps have been available in the market for a time, and its qualities are time-tested and plain to see. Comfortable, durable, water-proof, easy to maintain - you name it. On the other hand, the options on the market have been plagued by various symptoms:

  • Excess bulk around the wrist, especially when paired with a tang buckle
  • Textures that don't necessarily pair well with a range of dials and case designs
  • Functional but crude shapes along the strap surface

It's not that more appealing versions aren't possible, it's just been the practice to keep it exclusive. Take Patek Philippe’s Aquanaut and Czapek’s Antarctique – not only are these straps designed specifically to complement the watch’s dial and case, they are:

  1. cut to the user’s size; and
  2. fit into specific deployants that can only be purchased with the watch.

That is to say, only owners of these particular watches would be able to enjoy them. The rest of us are left wondering, how does that actually feel? Could I have one of my own?

What was missing from the market was an option to pair your watch of choice with one of these customised, practical, and stylish options, no less at an affordable price. Emphasis on was.

Hearing the call, we’ve designed and made our very own Rubber Cut-to-Size (“CTS”) straps to bring all the above benefits to you. 

The Strap

Our CTS straps are made with the same high-quality FKM (fluoroelastomer) rubber used on our Tissot PRX rubber straps. Flexible and durable, these straps end the search for a true waterproof design that doesn’t lose any points in the style section.

Out of the box, these straps come in a maximum length, and can be adjusted to your preferred size. The Cut-To-Size process is easily performed by anyone with the most rudimentary of tools. You'll no longer have to spend time fiddling around with makeshift measurement tools, and doing guesswork on what actually fits your wrist. In just a few steps, you'll be able to cut it to your wrist's size, shape, and where exactly you want to place the clasp. 

Which brings us to the next big thing we're introducing along with the straps -- a spanking new deployant clasp. 

The Clasp

We've also taken the time to develop a deployant clasp to match the sleek new rubber. These are operable via a leaf spring mechanism which flips open and shut with satisfying tactile snap. More importantly, the cutting-to-size of the strap material means that there will be no overhang/excess tail to speak of, and no keepers in sight. What results is a clean, clearly tailored strap surface all around your wrist. 

Last but not least, our standard quick-release mechanism has been integrated into these straps for the smooth strap changes that you’ve come to expect and love.

The result is a classy, comfortable fit designed to last through any, and we mean any, adventure you’re taking your timepieces through.

How to wear?

Different from your run-of-the-mill button-actuated deployants, the leaf spring deployant is secure by design and putting it on is as simple as:

  1. Pinching one side of clasp closed; then 
  2. Pinching the other side as the subtly curved base rests on your wrist.

Removal is even easier – simply pull upwards on either side, and the deployant springs open. 

Is this a little too easy? Will it open unintentionally? We’ve thought this through – the smooth lines and minimal design of the deployant reduce the chances for snagging onto surfaces that could potentially pull it open. The angle to open the clasp is also perpendicular to the usual forces that a strap is subject to, and makes accidental opening all the more unlikely. 

The leaf spring design, formed of 316L stainless steel, also maintains its strength through repeated, relentless usage, not to mention hold its own against sea water and rain.

These straps are made with FKM fluoroelastomer, which is widely considered to be the second to none when used as a material for watch straps. It has high chemical stability, and is resistant to aging and weather. Most importantly, it doesn’t attract dust!  

These straps can be easily trimmed to fit your wrist exactly how you like it for a comfortable, secure fit all day long. 

Every rubber CTS strap comes with a 316L Stainless Steel Deployant clasp, on a refreshing and snappy leaf spring mechanism. With its brushed finish, it brings about a sophisticated yet durable look to the strap.

Our CTS straps come with quick release spring bars! This makes it very easy to change out your strap - you don't have to use any tools to do so, which is life-changing if you haven't tried it before. 

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