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Big Zero 0283

Big Zero 0283

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This bold black & white minimalistic design with a Big Zero has become a Raketa classic!

The Big Zero is one of the few Soviet-era watch designs to have conquered the hearts of the world and to have stood the test of time: a black & white dial with oversized numerals crowned with a big 0. A self-evident, functional, but nevertheless radical design!

 When asked what inspired Soviet designers to create this bold design with a big 0, old specialists of the Raketa factory answer that it is simply more logical to start counting time from 0. Indeed, time, like everything else in our lives, always begins from 0.

 This design was first popularized by Gorbachev, the Secretary General of USSR. During an international political summit in Italy, he was asked to explain what “Perestroika” meant. He simply showed his Raketa Big Zero watch and said: “It’s like on my watch: the Soviet people want to start everything from zero”. This immediately made the headline of Italian newspapers. Thus began the legend of the “Big Zero”!

 The Raketa automatic movement is entirely produced at the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg.

Movement: Сalibre 2615
Functions: Automatic
Number of jewels: 24
Testing positions: 4
Average rate (s/d): -10+20
Power Reserve: 40
Frequency/hour: 18.000 / 2.5Hz
Decoration: Hand-made Neva waves (rotor) + Print

Material: Stainless steel
Size: 40 mm
Crown: Ruby stone ​​inside the crown
Water resistance: 100 Meter
Case thickness: 14.05 mm
Length (lug to lug): 43 mm

Material: Genuine leather (with a “quick change” system)
Width: 20 mm

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