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West End

Telegraph Service

Telegraph Service

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West End  has produced a replica of an historical pocket watch, the Telegraph Service, produced for the Indian market 100+ years ago.

The watch feature a Morse Code on the dial used to communicate the time between deferent railroad stations.

In addition to the standard hour display with black Roman numerals, there are two letters, Midnight and Noon under the other respectively under the 12. Letters "ZABCDEFGHIKL" and "MNOPQRSTVWXY" circularly around the dial, one inside the other respectively.

These letters are used to communicate the time, for example, KD is 10:20 PM, and OW is 2:45 PM.

Technical features
Size: 42mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Glass: Thick Iconic Sapphire Crystal
Movement: Automatic
Power Reserve: 42 hours
Functions: None

All West End watches are covered under 1 year warranty.

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